Creative Retirement Congratulations Letter Writing Etiquette

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Retirement Congratulations Letter Writing Etiquette
Retirement Congratulations Letter

Retirements are never sweet. They bring forth mixed emotions in the office environment. So, whenever you plan on writing a retirement congratulations letter, keep this sentiment in mind. Retirees are normally dedicated elderly people for whom leaving can be rather bittersweet. However, upon flipping the coin, we find that after years of restless service a good time break is worthy of celebration.

5 Tips to Retirement Congratulations Letter Writing

Below are a few tips on how to be creative with your retirement congratulations letter for your friend or coworker with the right etiquette.

1. Learn to play with words and leave no room for misunderstandings. Words chosen should be calm as well as cheerful. Focus mainly on the achievements and if possible walk them down the memory lane. Make his/her feel special how praise about the productivity brought to the company.

2. Keep your retirementcongratulation letters short and precise. Make it one page max. Directly get to the point and state very clearly the purpose of the letter with no scope for confusion whatsoever.

3. Be sincere with your gesture. Speak everything from the heart. You never know when will be the next time you will meet this person (considering you were not too close). Bade a warm goodbye by adding a pinch of professionalism to it. End your letter by wishing him/her all the luck for a brighter future.

4. If you are not that close to the person retiring and do not know the home address, the perfect etiquette will be to congratulate them before they finish their last day on the job. Make sure the letter reaches them before they leave for good.

5. Make your letter look perfect. Proofread your letter for any spelling or grammatical errors. Sloppy letters give the impression that you wrote the letter for just the sake of writing and getting it done. Even of you have written it affectionately, such mistakes kill the whole essence of the letter.

Sensitivity with Retirement Congratulation Letters

Retirement comes with its own ups and downs. For some retirement happens due to their age and for some due to physical conditions. Before writing such letter gets to the core. Make yourself aware of the reason behind the retirement. And when you sit down to write the letter, carefully pick the words you choose to write. It is basic sense that none wants to be reminded of their age. Always be on the safe side and use phrases that hurt no sentiment. Wish happy retirement with a plain good bye and avoid the addition of additional baggage in your letter.

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