Basic Farewell Letter Writing Etiquette to Colleagues

Farewell Letter Etiquette to Colleagues, Writing Goodbye Letter Coworkers
Farewell Letter Etiquette to Colleagues

Farewell letters are normally shared in business organizations. The main purpose of such a letter is to thank colleagues for the quality time spent together during the job tenure. It should be short, specific and informative and must be able to get your feelings heard. It acts as a medium to express how important was your relationship with your colleagues and coworkers to you and how will you to stay connected to them in the future.

Let’s start with the basics of writing farewell letters today. This goodbye letter writing etiquette to colleagues will help you write and express your emotion effectively. Have a look!

Writing Goodbye and Farewell Letter Etiquette to Colleagues

1. Talk about your future plans: Mention in your farewell letter about your plans after leaving the company. If you are planning on joining another company mention about it in the letter. Also talk in brief about your future endeavors instead of playing the blame game with the present company.

2. Know who your audiences are: If you plan on writing this letter only to your close colleagues in the company, you can be a bit lenient over the language usage.  However, if you are planning on sending out mass email, try to sound as formal as possible.

3. Talk only about the good stuffs: Farewell is not the right time to speak about your grievances with the company. You must always leave on good terms as you might require approaching them in the future. Express how you are going to miss the company and also talk a bit about your good memories with the company.

4. Express your gratitude towards the company and colleagues: Narrate in brief as to why are you thankful to the company. Talk about all that you have learned from your colleagues and how supportive they were of you during your rough phases in the company, if any.

5. Provide your contact information: Provide your personal contact information such as your email address, phone number, social networking account ids etc. to keep in touch with them even after leaving the office.

6. Express regret on leaving the company: Praise the company and express your regret for leaving it. Keep the letter as positive as possible. Let your co workers get an idea about how you respect them and thank them for their good spirit shown while working together.

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