Etiquette and Tips on How to Address to Government Officials

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Government Official Letter Writing Tips, Government Official Letter Etiquette
Government Official Letter Writing Tips

Addressing to government officials does not always follow the same pattern as other professional letters. Etiquette are quite different in this field of writing. These public servants are mostly accustomed to hearing to constituents and its tone. Hence, letters need to be kept official with just the right tone and must be short. They never have time to read long meaningless letters. 

10 Tips on Government Official Letter Writing

Before writing to any government officials make sure about your recipient and his/her position. Understand your subject matter and decide what and how to write accordingly. For example, if you plan on writing about a neighborhood park repair, your letter could be sent to the Department of Parks and Recreation in your area.

Here are the 10 basic etiquette to writing such letters:

1. Your letter should not be more than one page long.

2. Every letters sent should address to only one issue at hand. Avoid multiple issues.

3. Try to be as polite and respectful as possible.

4. Use of proper salutation is very important while addressing to government officials.

5. It is okay to use the CC: option if you have to send your letter to more than one government official.

6. Information like name, place and dates are very important in government official letter writing. Hence, never forget to mention them with special attention.

7. In case of issues as sensitive as crime related, mention the full name of prisoners or victims and facts like the arrest and place of detention.

8. Your letter can always be signed by multiple persons depending on the demand.

9. Use complimentary closings such as ‘Most respectfully’, Very truly yours’, ‘Sincerely yours’ etc.

10. If you get back a response to your letter, do revert it with a letter of appreciation as gesture.

Rough Format of Government Official Letter

1. In the first paragraph introduce yourself to the official and refer about the case and issue you have at hand.

2. The second paragraph should include additional information about the case. Include details such as

3. In the third paragraph make your request. It may be either for medical treatment, release from detention, fair trial or other related issue.

4. Request for a reply in the fourth paragraph and talk about your appreciation for attending to the matter.

5. End the letter with a complimentary closing followed by your signature, name and return address.

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