Effective Letter Closing Etiquette | Business Letter Closing

Effective Letter Closing Etiquette, Business Letter Closing
Business Letter Closing Etiquette

Wrapping up your letter with the appropriate closing is as important as the main body. You need to be extra careful and picky to help your closing carry the right sentiment. Different letters carry different impression to the recipient. Whether your letter is formal, friendly or intimate, closing serve as a stopping point for your message. Your business letter closing must be able to leave a distinct professional impression without room for mistakes.

We have come with some of the most basic and appropriately respectful word or phrase you may use in letter closing. Keep reading!

Best Letter Closings for Ending of a Formal Business Letter

Yours Truly

‘Yours Truly’ is used in business letters. It is mostly used in those situations where you are at the beginning of a business relationship or you are not too close with the recipient. It is perfect as it is both cordial and not too personal at the same time. Few other variations may be ‘Very truly yours’ and ‘Truly Yours’.


‘Sincerely’ is mostly used as a part of formal business setting. It is mostly used in cover letters or for certain enquiry. Another variant is ‘Yours Sincerely’ which is considered as the simplest and most useful letter closings. They can be used in both positive and negative tone carrying letters.

Best Regards

‘Best Regards’ is used in slightly personal letters. It is used for those recipients who are not too close but not total stranger either. If you had a   face-to-face, or phone interview or corresponded via email a few times this closing will be most appropriate. Variations include ‘Cordially’ and ‘Yours Respectfully’.

Best Wishes

‘Best Wishes’ can be used as closing in those cases when the recipient can relate back to the content of the letter. A few of its variants like ‘Warm Regards’, ‘Yours Faithfully’, ‘With Appreciation’ etc. are sent to familiar faces as an appropriate closure.

Here is a list of letter closing salutation examples that will help you convey the right emotion to the right person.

  • Best, Best regards, Best wishes
  • Cheers
  • Cordially, Cordially yours
  • Faithfully, Faithfully yours, Fond regards
  • In appreciation, In sympathy
  • Kind regards, Kind thanks, Kind wishes
  • Many thanks
  • Regards, Respectfully, Respectfully yours
  • Sincerely, Sincerely yours
  • Thanks, Thank you, Thank you for your assistance in this matter, Thank you for your consideration, Thank you for your recommendation, Thank you for your time
  • Warm regards, Warm wishes, Warmly, With appreciation, With deepest sympathy, With gratitude, With sincere thanks, With sympathy
  • Your help is greatly appreciated, Yours, Yours cordially, Yours faithfully, Yours respectfully, Yours sincerely, Yours truly

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