Good Etiquette: Thank You Letter Writing Dos and Don’ts

Thank You Letter Writing Etiquette, Dos and Don'ts
Thank You Letter Writing Etiquette

Thank you is an expression of appreciation and when you express it in written, the gravity is further enhanced. Imperfect letters with heartfelt sentiments are always better than perfect ones never sent. Thank-you notes are normally sent in situations such as wedding gifts, bridal shower and baby shower gifts, holiday, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, graduation, and housewarming gifts, sympathy letters, flowers, mass cards, after a job interview or where you are really impressed at someone’s gesture.

Time Duration needed to consider

Personalized thank you note convey a warmer tone to the recipient. As they say, it is better late than never; however, it is best if you could send away your thank you letters when the matter is still on hot platter, preferably within a week’s time. You may send such letters on informal stationery in most cases. Here are a few instances where sending a thank you note serves as a very good etiquette and bring smile to the receiver.

  • After attending a dinner party
  • Upon receiving a handwritten sympathy letter
  • To wedding, bridal, or baby shower guests
  • Upon hosting an overnight stay
  • As follow-up to a job interview
  • When you are indebted upon a favor

The Right Thank You Letter Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts

1. How will you address the receiver to give a personal touch? If your thank you letter is for family and close friends, you may use their first name in the salutation inside the card. In case of business associates, you may use salutations such as ‘Dear Mr. Businessman ‘and sign-off with your full name. Moreover, avoid unnecessary abbreviations on the envelope.

2. Be clear while expressing your gratitude. Speak your heart out to make your note feel more personal and less generic. If you received money as gift, do not mention cash in the letter; rather use the word ‘generosity’. The bottom line is your letter must be able to convey genuine appreciation. Recall the most interesting moment and share it in your note. It gives a better personal touch.

3. Mention how much is the gift appreciated and how much the gesture means to you. Also give a small sneak peak on how you intent to use the gift.

4. Mentioning how you are related to the giver gives a better personal touch. Acknowledge your relationship and show your excitement into meeting them again. For people you do not regularly encounter, you may uses phrases like, “You are in my thoughts, and I hope all is well”.

5. Show your gratitude over and over again. Thank the sender for the kind generosity. Make them feel good. It acts as one of the basic thank you letter writing etiquette.

6. Wrap up your letter with Regards or Sincerely. A thank-you note is all about expressing your gratitude. Your words just need to be simple and clear. Only speak your heart out in the most personal and appropriate manner. 

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