Effective Letter Writing Etiquette to Catholic Priest

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Letter Writing Etiquette to Catholic Priest
Letter Writing to Catholic Priest

Writing a letter to a Catholic priest is no different from writing a business or formal letter. It follows almost the same formatting as other professional letters with proper salutation and addresses. However, you only need to follow an appropriate level of familiarity when it comes addressing to a catholic priest. Formality and doctrine are two entities that require special attention. No matter how the get-up might have changed for priest with the changing time, the expected level of formality to be maintained have not changed over time.

Letter Writing Etiquette while addressing to Catholic Priest 

Not many changes have been observed when it comes to addressing a letter to a Catholic priest. The traditional etiquette still remains obsolete. Here are a few etiquettes to require keeping in mind while addressing to a catholic priest in a letter:

  1. Such letters normally begin with ‘The Reverend Father’ followed by the priest’s first and last name. You may include his middle name or middle initials too.
  2. If the letter requires conveying a formal tone, ‘The Reverend Father ___________’ can be used.
  3. If the letter is personal, ‘Father _____________’ is preferred.
  4. If you have a special relationship with Priest, you may use ‘Dear’ followed by the first and last name.
  5. If the priest is a member of a specific religious order, do add the initials of the priest’s community post his name too. The initials are normally written in block separate by periods.
  6. A good general closing for a formal or business letter to a priest is “Yours sincerely,” followed by your first and last name. Only the first word in the closing is capitalized.
  7. ‘Yours sincerely’ followed by your first and last name is normally considered as the most ideal closing. Also capitalize the first word in the closing.

The body of the letter is not supposed to follow any strict procedure. As long as the tone is respectful you are ready to go. Ask for the priest’s blessing in the end.

What to Include in the Envelope

The envelope in which you address to the priest should always be presented formally. The basic etiquette is to use ‘Father’ with the priest’s first and last name as follow ups. Write the name of the parish below the priest’s followed by the address of the parish. Mention your full name, the name of your organization and the return address in the envelope. It is normally placed at the upper-left corner. 

A few Tips that might come handy

  • Letter to Catholic priest should be written in white paper and black ink.
  • Refer to English dictionaries with style section mentioning different ranks in the Eastern Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and Episcopalian Churches for your convenience.
  • Go for effective background research before writing such letters. Get acquainted with the various reverential forms of address.

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