How to Write Effective Business Letters with Right Etiquette

Business Letter Writing Etiquette, Business Letter Writing Tips
Business Letter Writing Etiquette and Tips

Letter writing is very important in business communication. It is considered as one of the basic advertisement strategy adopted by companies. However, writing requires a lot of skills and techniques especially while writing formal letters. The key to successful business is mastering the mechanics of language but sadly, not many are quite acquitted to this art. They normally depend on their administrative assistants to produce satisfying letters. With the tough competition around, many companies have come up with their signature letter writing presentation for both business and public usage.

Common Etiquette for writing Business Letters

The basic etiquette to formal letter writing is it should look professional and have a businesslike appearance. It should be neat and symmetrical with no typographical, grammatical, or spelling errors as mistakes of any such sort look quite unprofessional. You need not write hyperbolic words. Stick to simple and plain language instead.

For a more distinctive approach, use a contemporary letterhead and envelope design template. These letters are normally written in block style with left justification. The text is normally kept single spaced. It is only between paragraphs double spaces is preferred.

Different Fractions of Business Letter

Business letters include the following sections. Read through:

The date line is written two to six lines below the last line of the printed letterhead.

Reference line which happens to be a numerical file number, invoice number, policy number, or other reference information appears below the date.

If you require using special notations like ‘confidential’ it normally goes two lines below the date.

In the inside address, addressee’s title and full name, business title, business name, and full address is included.

If the addressee is not specific, you may add ‘Attention: ________________.’

Basic introductory salutation goes with ‘Dear ______________’ after the attention line.

The main body should contain the main text. Use may also use paragraphs, bullet lists, and number lists (optional).

Complimentary closing is introduced two lines below the last line of the message. It is normally kept left justified.

Signature block include your typed name and title along with your signature.

Enclosures if any are termed as enc, encl, enclosures (3), or 3 encs.

In case of required postscript, it is included below the last text on the page followed by a short sentence.

Basic Business Letter Layout

Thought different companies follows different layout there is still a basic design which goes this way:

  • Date
  • Addressee’s name, title, company name and address
  • Salutation
  • Subject line
  • Main body
  • Signing off
  • Sender’s own name and title

Professional business writing follows the phrase ‘Keep it simple silly’. The wordings should be as clear as possible. And as already mentioned above, your business letter should be free of typographical, grammatical or spelling errors.

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