How to Write Confrontational Letter: Effective Tips and Etiquette

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Effective Confrontational Letter Writing Tips, Confrontational Letter Etiquette
Confrontational Letter Writing Tips

Confrontational letter as the name itself suggest is a letter written to confront a certain situation, problem or dispute. The main objective of such letters is to ask for heads up on certain matter that is not usually granted without a few hindrances. The sender normally persuades the recipient to grant the objective in the most convincing manner as possible with some of the basic etiquette.

Below are a few tips to help you write the best confrontational letter without hiccups in the writing process.

Tips to Write an Effective Confrontational Letter

1. Apply the sandwich principle while writing such letters.  Start off with an encouraging salutation, add your grievances in the middle and sign it off with a proper ending.

2. Your confrontational letter should look impressive and professional. It should be written in such a way that it deserves consideration.

3. Try using statements like ‘I felt hurt and saddened by the incident’ or in case of commercial grievances, you may use something like this ‘I felt let down and disappointed by your product/your companies level of service.’ End it on a positive note.

4. Get your basics right before writing such letters. It has to be well-researched and well-organized. Back it up with accurate and complete supporting information to make the letter sound more confrontational to the recipient.

5. The letter should carry a professional tone with a sense of civility and respectfulness. Write it in such a way that it lands on the unreasonable request category.     

6. You need not require quoting biblical scriptures. Just get your confrontation right and just get over with it.

7. Always request and never demand in your letter. Even the request has to be respectfully framed. You may use closing salutations like ‘Respectfully Yours’ for such letters.

8. While writing confrontational letters, never add any recipient to the cc: space. They look highly inappropriate and unprofessional. No one likes third party reference in the initial phase.

9. Your letter must be devoid of criticism. It has to be polite and quite formal. Understandable temperate expressions should be restricted only to those areas where you might just want to prove a point.

10. Your letter must end on a positive note and request for a respond. You may use endings such as,’ If you are unable to agree to my request on any other aspect of the case I have outlined, please feel free to advice.’

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