Most Useful Etiquette to Write Graduation Congratulations Letter

Graduation Congratulations Letter Etiquette
Graduation Congratulations Letter Etiquette Template

Graduating from high school or college is like achieving a milestone in a student’s life. Congratulating on this happy occasion matters a lot to the student and deserves a huge celebration. Proper etiquette demands to be extremely supportive and make him/her feel special. Graduation congratulations letters are a common entity used today. Be it your friends, family or loved ones, on this special occasion you come together to share happiness and pride and hence the letter you write has to be equally supportive.

Below is a list of some of the most useful etiquette expected to follow while writing a graduation congratulation letter. Read along for a better insight:

Graduation Congratulations Letter Template – Etiquette and Tips

1. The letter should convey a positive tone. It should be able to encourage the student for his/her career prospects. Make them aware of the harsh reality of life but with an optimistic approach. Remind them that bad times will follow but so will good times.

2. Add inspirational quotes in your letter if possible. Choose quotes that will help you express your feelings upon the graduation of your loved ones. Also mention from where you have taken the quote so that he/she may look for some more inspiration in the future.

3. Another good idea is to employ your creativity to your letter. Write a short inspiring poem about his/her achievement and do talk about the actions and efforts he/she had to put in for achieving the milestone.

4. Dispatch the letter as soon as possible. Do not wait for too long after the news as late congratulatory letter seem mere formality from your end. You will come off as impolite and your letter will be considered vague.

5. Graduation is a very special moment; therefore your wish should come out directly from the heart. Your letter must be able to compliment the closeness of your relationship with the graduate and inspire him with the same.

6. In the end, proofread your letter. Avoid complicated technical terms and make sure there is no grammatical and spelling error as it kills the whole essence. Read it carefully before sending it out.

Graduation messages need not be grand. A simple from-the-heart congratulation letter can simple do the trick. All you need is to choose the right phrases and words. It is a simple way of showing that you are proud of the graduate and wish him/her all the luck in the future.

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