Handwritten Letter Etiquette: 5 Tips for Perfect Writing

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Handwritten Letter Etiquette Rules Handwritten tips
Handwritten Letter Etiquette

With technology all around, handwritten letters have become quite rare. If you hand over such letters to someone, it will be a lifetime treasure to the recipient. Well, in such letters too there are a few proper Handwritten Letter etiquette that need to be taken into consideration. Here is a list of the 5 basic tips to help you guide through the writing process. Sit down with your pen and paper and allow your thoughts and emotions to take the shape of words.

Etiquette and Tips for Writing Handwritten Letter

  1. Decide on your pen first. It should have a good grip, fun to write and with good quality ink. Even the paper should be blot free. However, it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Also date the letter as it is very important to help recollect memories later on.
  2. Find a quite place, grab a cup of coffee and try to organize your thoughts. The plane on which you intent to write should be smooth and at a very good level. Do not let anything distract you or your letter might bring disappointment.
  3. The ending salutation should be able to bring out the right sentiment. Use ‘My best’ or ‘Fondly’ for regular friends and ‘Love’ for close ones. In case your relationship is professional, ‘Sincerely’ is just perfect.
  4. Your letter should look presentable. Hence, select the envelope bearing the letter wisely. Abbreviate with care and watch out for misspelling of address or name. Do not forget to include your return address, in case it does not reach the sender.
  5. Stamps compliment your letter. Different stamps deliver different sentiments and look good on different occasion. Hence, choose wisely.

You may use your hand written letter as a magic note or letter of impulse to let the recipient know that he/she can never be forgotten. They are fun, personal and provide opportunity to the writer to express his/her thoughts, emotions and help walk down memory lane.

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