Sample Sorry love Apology letter

Kritika Jain

73, Piplod Road
17th February, 2007.
Dear Kritika,
I know I have hurt you tremendously yesterday. I should not have said those altruistic and wounding words. I know that you’re really hurt, and just by saying mere sorry won’t compensate for the things I said.

You know this right, that I care for you a lot and never intentionally would make you hurt by anything. As people say that, we hurt them the most, to whom we love the most. I also unintentionally did that, and now want a chance to tell you that I am deeply sorry for everything that happened between us yesterday.

I just wish that this time you let this go and remember the times we have spent together. Please dear forgive me, I would like to apologize to you from the bottom of my heart. I am hoping you would forgive your love and we will share the same bond like we used to earlier.
Remorsefully yours,


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