Right Etiquette to Follow for Requesting Recommendation Letter from Teachers

Letters of recommendation is one of the most important documents you require to gather during your college admissions procedure. Your teachers are normally the most reliable figures you need to approach to for persuasive letter of recommendation writing to get admitted to the desired institute. Such letters should include the course you are applying to and your active participation in classroom discussions. Good grade in course alone cannot be sufficient for your teacher to pen down your recommendation letter Etiquette.

Here is the mandatory information you require to provide to your teachers while requesting for your recommendation letter.

1. Basic description about the program you are applying for. Also mention about the application deadline.

2. Mention about specific instructions requested by the program in the letter.

3. Mention about your special skills and areas you want to emphasize in the letter. For example, if your position requires excellent oral skills, ask your teacher to focus on the same.  Refresh his/her memory about how good you were in his class.

4. Ask your teacher to provide a statement of your interest in the applied program.

5. Provide your resume, contact number and email address in which you can be reached to.

6. Provide copies of the course material that was graded and returned to you.

7. It is a good etiquette to offer a stamped, addressed envelope for your reference letter. However, in many cases, the teacher prefers to send the letter of recommendation directly to the institute for the sake of confidentiality. Hence, you need not put a return address on the envelope.

8. Recommendations can also be posted online today. Hence do not miss on providing the URL or email address for submission of the letter.

What next for the Most Appropriate Recommendation Letters

Now or never

Ask for your letter of reference at the earliest. You are not the one person asking for a letter. There are many in the line. Some teachers prefer writing them during holidays. Hence the earlier you ask, the earlier your letter will get completed.

Gratitude goes a long way

Cultivate a habit of thanking the person who writes your letter of recommendation. This is something you will need in every major turn of your life. Hence, by sending a thank you letter you will be in good terms with your teacher. This etiquette will prove to be fruitful in the long run.

Refresh your teacher’s memory

Write a short cover letter mentioning your outstanding traits in the classroom. Also mention about any great memorable moments and the details mentioned above. Highlight your grade point average (gpa) in the subject applied for along with the cumulative gpa. The better information you provide, the better the chances to get what you want to be written.

Following are a few tips you require to keep in mind while requesting for recommendation letter from your teacher.

  • Never demand on what needs to be written. Least you may do is to request for your desired input.
  • Be friendly, polite and update your teacher about yourself and your work
  • Do provide postage for letters or the URL in case of electronic messaging
  • Never depend on email. Get it in person.
  • Learn the art of saying ‘thank you’. It goes a long way.

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