Sample Recommendation Letter for Promotion Letter

Derrick Penn
Manager – Sales
Myers & Myers Corp.

Dustin Cruz
H.R. Manager
Myers & Myers Corp.

April 07, 2012


Sub: – Promotion Recommendation – Accounts Officer

Dear Mr. Cruz,

As I discussed it with you last week, I am submitting my report for the promotion of Mr. Mr. Cecil Boyd in our company.

During his tenure as an ‘Accounts officer’ for five years with us, Cecil has always shown outstanding performance.

He has wide knowledge about corporate accounting and is trained with latest accounting methods. He is proficient in all the accounting procedures. He took initiative and came up with highly useful online accounting procedures that really benefited our company with huge cost savings.

Cecil has been rewarded as ‘Employee of the month’ many times last year. He is well qualified and is the most sought after employee in the department.

In my opinion, he deserves an appraisal at this time. He should be promoted to the position of ‘Accounts Manager’ as he is perfectly suitable for the position.

So, I request you to consider his promotion in light of his accomplishments in this company.


Derrick Penn
Manager – Sales
Myers & Myers Corp.

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