Sample Science Teacher Application Letter

Ms. Agatha Presco

Panaji, Goa- 787 423

March 23, 2011

Mr. Shashikant Fernandes

Goa School of Science

Panaji, Goa- 787 425

Dear Mr. Fernandes,

I was told by some of the lecturer at your school about a vacancy for a mathematics teacher in school. I would like to apply for the same. My qualifications meet to your requirements you have mentioned in your job profile. I have attached my CV for your consideration.

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Mathematics in Education from a well known school in the country. I have also completed my Master’s degree in education, specializing in mathematics. I have worked as a mathematics teacher of a local school and I was always appreciated from the school and my students.  I am an enthusiast teacher and enjoy teaching and making children learn. I have also attended several trainings which have made me constantly improve my teaching skills, and my students always enjoy and learn quickly.

I hope you will give me an opportunity to meet you and attend a personal interview.

Thank you.


Ms. Agatha Presco

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