Sample Short Sale Authorization Approval

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Ms. Susan Robinson

Sales Department- General Manager

Nice Buy Pvt. Ltd.

34/ U- I8, Lake Resorts,

Ottawa, Canada

Dear Ms. Robinson,

This is an authorization letter on the behalf of Good Life Means Pvt. Ltd. to approve your sales program for our Packing Machines. Please refer to the mailer discussion held between the two companies Nice Buy Pvt. Ltd and Good Life Means Pvt. Ltd. in July. For your reference a copy of minutes of meeting held on July 4th, 2010 has been attached.

Please find the attached terms and conditions of Good Life Means and clauses before initiating the short sales program. Our company is ready to provide discount over total profit at the end of this program as Nice Buy is our leading agent for marketing & selling all our engineering products. If you have any further clarifications, we can arrange a business meeting to discuss contract terms and conditions again.

Please feel free to contact us during office hours at provided landline numbers and e-mail id for any query.

Yours Sincerely,

Tina McGraw

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