Sample Confirming Deferral Banking Letters

Letter of Confirmation of Deferral of Mortgage Payment

[DATE, ex. Friday, December 9, 2011]


Tim Williams

ABC Bank

123 Lane

Area 456

City, State, Pin Code]

Dear [NAME, ex. Tim Williams],

This is in reference to the mortgage loan from your bank to me in the original principal amount of $[AMOUNT OF MORTGAGE LOAN] over our property at [MORTGAGED PROPERTY’S ADDRESS].

We hereby confirm that the principal sum of $[AMOUNT] which was due on [DUE DATE OF PAYMENT, ex. October 30, 2011] was not paid, and that you are agreeable to deferring payment of this amount to [DATE PAYMENT DEFFERRED TO, ex. January 3, 2012].

We further would like to assure you that we will continue to pay interest on the full amount of the principal outstanding under the mortgage at the rate provided in the mortgage until the principal has been repaid in full.

Yours faithfully,

[Your name, ex. Joseph Phelps]

The undersigned hereby acknowledges his/her agreement with the foregoing.

[NAME, ex. Tim Williams]

Download Sample Confirming Deferral Banking Letters in Word

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