Sample Funny Complaint Letter

Deloris Bones



Mrs. Emma Watson


Dear Mrs. Watson,

I am Deloris Bones and happen to be your neighbour. I would like to say sorry in advance because I have a feeling you are not going to like what you are going to read from now on.

Gardening is not just nice habit but a good practice too but only if it’s done with proper procedures and measures. I have observed that whenever you take up some gardening in your garden, the wastes always find refuge in my garage. Last time I also informed your husband about it and he waived the issue off and he didn’t take it seriously. I am very sure that the waste can’t just fly to my garage and certainly it is somebody from your place who is doing this. I would personally again like to request you to carefully direct your garden waste from the future.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Deloris Bones

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