Sample Marketing Condolence Letter

From: Mark Williamson

Head of Marketing Department,

Sharp Minds Legal Solutions Inc,

New York-11701

To: Charles Lewis

835, Bay St., Albany,

New York-17031

June 10, 2012

Dear Sir,

We received this tragic news of huge loss & misery about your father, Henry Lewis. He was one of our most valued clients. We express our hearty condolences on his sudden death.


We understand that going through this sorrowful phase in your life must be very hard, but as we know your family since the past ten years and have knowledge about the different properties that belonged to your father, so it’s our sense of duty to inform you about everything and the required formalities needed to be completed for legal matters to avoid any future difficulties.

We want to help you to be proved as the real successor of your father’s inheritance post his death. We believe that you will contact us in the near future for the required legal formalities and paper work.

Once again, we express our condolences on your father’s sudden death and pray that you & your family come out of this tragic event soon.

Thanking You,


Mark Williamson

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