Sample Template Condolence Letter

(Title of the person) (Name of the person)

Address: 1

Address: 2



Dear (Name of the person)

Words cannot describe how irrecoverable this loss is for your family.

(Insert the Name) will always be missed by all of us.

We all know how great he was – (write about works of the deceased)

We/I will miss his – (write about the things you will miss always)

I will always treasure (Insert the Name)’s loving memories inside our/my heart/hearts – (write a couple of things related to the deceased that you will always keep in your heart)

We/I liked his qualities that are seldom seen – (write about his remarkable qualities). He will always be remembered as an inspiration by us – (write things about him that inspire you).

Our/my prayers are with you & your family.


With sympathy & love

Yours in grief

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