Sample Cant reach Customer Services Consumer Letters

Apt 15, Blue Sky Appts

Baltimore, Maryland – 52418
19 September, 2012

<Recipient Address Goes Here>

I bought services of [Company name] on [date], and I was using your online services satisfactorily. However, I had a bad experience a few days back with your company. I was dialing your customer service number for some technical assistance, but I was not able to talk to any person because the line was continuously busy for hours.
I’m amazed that how [Company name] is growing so fast, but you don’t provide proper care to your customers for technical support. I really want to talk to any responsible person in your staff to discuss this very issue and know what your company is going to do about this frequent problem.

I am expecting a fast response.

Della Roberts

encl: <List of enclosed items goes here>

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