Sample Online Service Censor Content Consumer Letters

1234, Main Street
Boston, MA 02123

01 April, 2005

<Recipient Address Goes Here>

I have been a customer of your company [Company name] since the last [Duration] and, I was using your services pleasantly.

However, when I recently tried to open few web sites dealing with [Subject Matter], I was told that those kinds of sites were not allowed to be opened. I really didn’t like this kind of censorship from your company.

I am a full grown man and I completely understand what is right & what is wrong for me. It is my right to see any kind of websites on my personal computer. And, you should know that there are many software available today that work perfectly for blocking sensitive content for young age children and I have that kind of program on my computer. So, you don’t need to worry about it and I can turn on & turn off this program whenever I want. But, you have no right to decide what kinds of sites I can view & what not.

I need an urgent reply from your company regarding this matter. If you don’t reply to me very soon, then I will be switching to some other company that provides unblocked services.

Robert Anderson

encl: <List of enclosed items goes here>

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