Sample Official Cover Letter

27 July 2012

Claim Departmental Head

Dye and Patkins Loan and Insurance Company


Walder Street, LA

Re: Junior Accountants Promotions

Pursuant to Memo No. 345/08 about the appraisal of Accountants to a Senior Cadre, I would like to send my application for the post of coordinating Accountant – Claims. As you are aware that I have been working with the company for the last five years and therefore I qualify to be considered for the position.

Apart from the resume held by the Personnel department, I have handed over to them my latest qualification as a Chartered Accountant, given to me late last year at the White Chartered Accounting School. I hope a Memo on the same will be posted soon to notify those interested about the interview dates, time and place.

Thanking you,

Frank Dale

Underwriter – claims section

Employment No: ABC/12345/YZ

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