Sample College Donation Letter

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Mr. Brian Smith


Right View Organization,

Lubbock, Texas

August 18, 2012


Dear Mr. Smith,

I am John Morrison, secretary of the ‘Green Light’ group that works for the poor and the needy people. We build schools and colleges across the country to help people get educated.

Presently, we are facing financial problems for our proposed plans – new libraries at two of our institutions.

We have completed more than 50% of the structure at both the institutions, but now we are falling short of the required funds to complete the projects. If we don’t get the funds we need for these libraries, then we will have no choice, but to stop our projects uncompleted.

We have contact many other groups for donation to complete the constructions. Now, we request you to donate for this good cause.

Please send in your donations in the name of the Green Light Trust.


Thanks and regards,

John Morrison


Green Light Trust

Palm Dr., Lubbock

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