Sample Best Friend Farewell Letter

July 11, 2012

Mary Martin


6-A/B, William Street,



Dear Mary,

How are you? I am doing fine here. I am so excited and happy to tell you about my new job in a bank in Australia. All formalities have been completed and I am flying tonight only. Due to Visa and other formalities I couldn’t take out time to meet you personally. I am so sorry for not telling you before. I will really miss you a lot there. You have been my best friend and a great support always.

I will always remember our times together. We have shared each and everything with each other. You were always there with me in my happy and sad times. You and I together have always laughed so much, even when I cracked some stupid joke. You understand me so well. I will always cherish our times we have spent together. I will call you as soon as I get settle there and will always keep in touch with you. Good bye my sweetest friend.

Yours lovingly,


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