Sample Boy Friend Farewell Letter

Ms. Jean Augustine,

45, Adolf Street


August 7, 2010

Mr. Mark Davidson,

31, Veronica Street


Dear Mark,

With a heavy heart I would like to bid farewell to you through this letter. Our relationship has been for a long one year. But it was so turbulent. For starting one month of relationship it went all good and we had spent good times together. But thereafter everything was fallen apart. We have been fighting and arguing every time, and this last month we have been fighting like everyday. I am very disturbed by this not only emotionally but mentally too. I don’t have any more courage to continue this relationship. I am unable to concentrate at my work and my performance in the office is going very down for which I have been giving warning also from my boss. I do not want my life to be ruined because of our relationship that is going nowhere.  It is best for both of us to live our lives separately.



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