Sample Cousin Farewell Letter

Ms. Heather Johnes


501, Apple Valley,




July 18, 2012


Ms. Jean Augustine,


45, Adolf Street,



Dearest cousin,

I was told by my mother that you are leaving town with your husband soon. I am really very happy for you to have finally found the man of your dreams and be able to build the family that you have long hoped for. As you’ll go, I will miss you a lot. We have so many fond memories of us when we were still young to cherish. Growing up together was great because I always had someone to be with in school. You are truly my best friend and I will treasure all the times we have shared. Soon, I will also be getting married and I hope you will be able to visit us in the future so that we may share stories about the joys of having children. May you have a great family life ahead. Keep in touch and Take care.

Yours loving cousin,


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