Sample Girl Friend Farewell Letter

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Bessy Kones.


12, Bed fort Hill,

Santa Ana, USA

Dear Bessy,

How are you? I am doing well.  I am writing to you from Denver. I had to come here, due to the sudden illness of my mom. Sorry for not keeping you posted about all of this honey. She was in a critical condition. And you know how much I love her, because after my dad’s death it was her who took care of me, loved me and brought me up. Now after the operation she is feeling better.

Dear, I need to share one very important thing with you. Mom got a wedding proposal for me. She wants me to marry one of our friends so as to continue our family tree. I tried my extreme level in persuading her, that I am in love with you, but she is too obstinate to listen to my words. And therefore I am left with no option, other than to marry that girl. I had to take decision keeping in mind of her bad health condition. I never wanted to cheat on you. I will always love you as my first love of life. Hope you can understand my situation. I request you from the bottom of my heart to forgive me for everything.



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