Sample Good Bye Friendship Letter

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Mr. Jackie Garcia

50, Metro Encl,

Rising Star Society

Durham, N. Carolina


June 20, 2012

Dear Jackie,

Hope you find this letter in the best of you health &, everyone is well in your family.

I want to tell you that I am shifting to Austin, Texas. My father has been transferred there, so we are moving with the whole family. We will shift by the first week of July.

It’s sad news for me and I am sure that same is with you after reading this letter. It feels so bad to leave behind such great friends like you. I am lucky to have an understanding friend like you. I will always miss you there.

I made many friends, but I do not remember that I ever came close to anyone like you. There is no other person like you in my life, you are my best friend. I like you because you care for me, you understand me and you always supported me.

But, you know what; I have decided to come to you every winter vacation.

Best of luck for your future, and always be in touch.

Yours always,

Agatha Young

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