Sample Break Up Goodbye Letter


John Williams


124, Estuary Drive,


Beaverton, Oregon- 97006

21st February, 2012

Dear John,

As you are aware, I have been appointed as a General Manager in Pearl Solutions, Australia. I have to join in two weeks to work. I was working hard to reach to that position from a long time. Though it was a hard decision to take but I must take it up as it will take me to reach huge success in my career. In regard to this, I have to end our relationship as my appointment will be permanent and it shall become very difficult for us to see each other often.

I will carry with me the memories of the three years we have spent together and will cherish them for lifetime. I wish to continue be friends with you and please keep writing to me from time to time. My email address will be the same. I will update you with the details of my home address and cell phone number when I arrive in Sydney. I wish you good luck in your future endeavors.

I look forward for hearing from you.


Sandra Simon

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