Sample Good Bye Letters

Good bye letters are written when you are leaving a place, or maybe office, etc. It is important in the way that they can help you sum up your feelings. It is an excellent way of keeping the people you have interacted with, informed about your departure and your future plans.

The letter should be short, briefly mention the details of the reason for the departure. It is important to note that the tone of the good bye letters should be gracious and affirmative.

If you desire, you can mention a few of occasions and the good time you had with the recipient. It is considerate to thank and appreciate the people you were with for all the help and support they offered you, during your stay with them.

If you are writing to colleagues, you can thank them for all that you have learnt while working with them and for their encouragement in office.

If you are leaving because of unpleasant reasons, try and keep the tone of the letter neutral.

Mention your latest contact details for the recipient to keep in touch with you.

If you are writing to a good friend or family offer to host him/her once you are settled in your new place or if you can help from there.

At the end of the letter give your best wishes for the recipient’s future.

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