Sample Goodbye Letter To Co Worker

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KLN Inc, Sky Arch


28th Smother Avenue, Washington

Dear All,

As most of you know that I am moving from this organization in two weeks time. I have spent most wonderful time at KLN Inc with all of my colleagues and staff members.  It is now about time to take more challenging paths to full fill my life’s ambition. I wish to bid farewell to you all.

Every one in this office has been real source of inspiration to me, I have learnt from each person in this company which has helped me achieving new heights in professional as well as personal life. I feel spasms of pain when I think of leaving this place however I am taking along with me life long relationship with best friends, greatest colleges, and ideal mentors.

I would like to personally wish each and everyone good luck for their future endeavors.

My cell phone number and email address remain the same. Do keep in touch. I leave you my warmest thanks and best regards for the future.

Warm Regards,

John Williams

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