Sample Goodbye Letter ToBoss

28th June, 2012



Dream Works Techno Center,


3-D, Second Wing,



Dear Sir:

As are aware that I have been appointed a very high position in Mexico with Zeal Co., hence will be shifting in next two weeks. Before I leave I would like to express my warm goodbye especially to you.

This will be indeed a tough time for me to leave friends like you. This has been a very hard decision to take on my part. I am happy as I will be joining new team and taking new challenges, it would give my professional career new height and I am sad at the same time as I will have to leave this great company and even great friends. I have learned, shared and grown with people of this company. I sincerely wish to have same jovial, intelligent and experienced set of colleagues in my new company.

I would like to thank each and every one for making my stay such rewarding and worth while experience.

My very best wishes to the company! Keep in touch. I will keep you updated with address and cell phone once I am settled there. My email address remains same.

Yours truly,

Email – [email protected]

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