Sample Excessive Use Of Company Phones For Personal Calls Letter

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[Name, Company Name & Address here]



Dear [name],


We want to say that we value you as an important asset of our organization. You have been working with us for more than [duration], and we are happy with your performance.

However, there is one issue that needs to be discussed with you. It has been found that the bill of the telephone connection installed at your desk is rising unusually.

The bill for your office telephone has gone up to $[amount] in the last [duration].

A major part of the bills for this duration was for the personal calls made from office. Please note that when you make excess telephone calls for personal use, it affects your productivity, and adds to the unnecessary business expenses, and it also blocks our lines that may avert important business incoming calls.

Occasional use of office telephone is understandable; however this kind of usage is just unacceptable.

[Employee name], if there are any unusual circumstances in your family or personal life, you may please contact me to discuss it in private. I am sure that we will easily find a solution to your problem.



[Your name & Designation]

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