Sample Internal Announcement of Job To Group Letter

Internal Announcement of Job to Group –

To:                    [Department Name]

From:                [Your name & designation]

Date:                [….]


Subject:            [position name] opening in our company


As you all know that there is an opening for the position of [position name] in our company.Although the management will also look outside to fill this open position, we have a preference for the internal people. Therefore, I invite applications from interested people of this department for this position. You can forward the applications to [Name].

Brief Information on this open position


[Mention duties here] – e.g.

Handling the sales team of 80 people

Forming sales budget

Developing marketing plans

Reporting to V.P. – Sales

Required Qualifications & Skills

[Mention skills here] – e.g.

Master of Business Administration

Ten years experience in hardcore sales

Ability to handle a large team

Analytical bent of mind & knowledge of market trends

Leadership qualities

Benefits Offered

[Mention benefits here] – e.g.

Health & Dental Insurance

Pension plan

Stock options

Corporate expense account

Higher promotion potential

[OPTIONAL: mention salary here]

I am positive that many people of your department have the requisites for this position. I encourage all the interested people to forward an application.

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