Sample Request for Promotion Letter

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Request for Promotion

[Name, Company Name & Address here]



Dear [name],


I am writing in to express my satisfaction with this company and, discuss possible career progression.

As you know that I am working here for the past [duration], and over these years, I worked with all my sincere efforts and dedication to contribute to this company.

I would like to say that while working as a [your position], I always worked hard and sincerely.

–          [State here your accomplishments in the organization and noteworthy contributions to the success of the business].

–      [Also mention the valuable experiences and lessons you have learned, and knowledge you gained during your tenure that now makes you suitable for the promotion you are requesting]

For instance, – I always reached my sales target every month. I was successful in procuring large orders and making new clientele for this organization.With [duration] of experience in sales, I now have the knowledge of ups & downs in the market trends. I have met hundreds of different types of people while dealing for our company and, now I have the ability to how to grow our business, and I can also now identify the areas where we need to improve and grow.Now, after such a great and successful experience in my tenure with this company, I am highly confident that I can take more responsibilities on my shoulders and contribute to the success of this company.After working hard and dedicatedly for this organization for such a long period, I would like to request your consideration for an opportunity that I see in our Company – [State your desired position].I am really confident that I can efficiently handle the responsibilities of this job profile. I am ready to implement my vast knowledge & valuable experience gained over these years to contribute more to the success of this organization.I hope you will consider my request for promotion in the light of the above.Thank you for your consideration.



[Your name]

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