Sample Revising Job Offer Can Accommodate an Alternative Letter

Revising Job Offer: Can Accommodate an Alternative

[Name, Company Name & Address here]



Dear [name],


It was a pleasing experience to meet you on [date] regarding the position of [position title].

As you know that we were satisfied with your qualifications, & your significant experience related to our open position, but you didn’t accept our employment offer as you wanted – [State the request or demand of the employee here].

We would like to tell you that as we decided not to accommodate your request at that time, however, now we are offering a revised employment offer to you.

– [Describe the revised employment offer] –

– [mention the alternative you are proposing in the new offer]

For instance, – Instead of the base salary you requested for this position, we can offer you increased incentive scale. As you are such a talented professional with proven skills and success record, we are highly confident in your abilities that you will contribute to the success our organization, and as a result, you will also grow with the unlimited potential your position holds.

Details of your revised job offer:


– [State here the terms & conditions of the revised employment offer]

e.g. –

(i) New Joining Bonus of $[amount]

(ii) Base salary of $[salary amount]

(iii) Annual bonus up to [state bonus %]

(iv) [Number of days] of paid holidays annually

(v) [Number of days] sick leaves annually

We hope you will like the new additions in this employment offer. Please note that this job offer is reserved for you for the next [no. of days]. We request you to please contact us before [deadline] to confirm your joining.

Look forward to hear from you.



[Your name]


Encl: [Enclosures List here]

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