Sample Solicited Letter of Reference Excellent Employee Letter

Solicited Letter of Reference: Excellent Employee

[Name, Company Name & Address here]



Dear [name],



I am really pleased to provide you with a reference about [employee name].

As the [your position] of [Company name], I know [employee last name] for the past [duration].

He/she was working in our company as a [employee position] from [joining date] to [resigning date]. The job responsibilities of [employee last name] included – [State main responsibilities of the employee here]

–          [State here the qualities and accomplishments of the employee].

For instance, – [Employee first name] was a sincere and hard working employee of this organization. He/she would do all the assignments given to him/her in timely manner. He/she has great work management skills and, I was personally very impressed with his/her people management and multitasking abilities.

He/she is a person with diverse thinking and has a great enthusiasm for completing his/her assignments. [Employee last name] contributed a lot to this organization.

[Employee first name] was also very co-operative to all the staff here and, people really miss her for always available support. He/she was a true inspiration for our employees.

Therefore, I am very pleased to recommend [employee full name] to your company. He/she will be definitely a great asset to your organization.




[Your name]


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