Sample Submitting a Suggestion Letter

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Submitting a Suggestion

To          –      [Individual/Group Name]

From      –      [Sender Name]

Date       –      […..]


Subject   –      [State Your Suggestion in Brief]


I am writing to you regarding an important issue that may be of high interest to you.

–          [State issue/problem you want to talk about] –


For instance

As you know that our Company is about to enter into a merger with [other Company name] in the next month. I am highly concerned about this merger, and so are other employees of our organization.

The staff is talking many different kinds of strange things related to this merger, they have their own worries and some are spreading demeaning rumors about our organization. All this stuff is creating a highly negative atmosphere for our company.

Actually, I can see a rift between the employees and management, it seems to be growing fast and it might create a big problem sooner or later.

I believe that it would be right for the management to hold a face-to-face meeting about this issue where questions can be put out directly to be answered.

Many employees are concerned that if this merger does not bring successful results as expected, then what will be their future in this Company.

So, I request you to please call a staff meeting where we can solve our worries.

I think that my suggestion is important and in the interest of our organization.

I hope that you will give your consideration to my suggestion. I will be delighted to meet you regarding this issue, if you require additional information.

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