Sample Unsolicited Letter of Reference Excellent Employee Letter

Unsolicited Letter of Reference: Excellent Employee



To Whom It May Concern:

I am [name, designation], [Company name], have known [Employee name] for the last [duration].

[Employee first name] was working as a [post] in our company from [date] to [date]. His/her job responsibilities included setting and achieving sales targets. He/she was mainly responsible for marketing and sales. He/she was heading a staff of [no. of employees].

–          [State here the traits of the employee that really impressed you].

For instance

[Employee name] was really a sincere employee of this company. He/she was hard working and dedicated to his/her job. He/she would always motive the staff to perform outstandingly for the company.

He/she contributed to the success of this organization in different areas like enhanced productivity, higher revenues and, he/she would also handle all the corporate events very well.

[Employee name] is very good at sales, and has depth knowledge of market trends. He/she possesses great people skills and is a great motivator. His/her managerial skills are exceptional and, he/she has got great analytical skills.

So, I proudly recommend [employee name] to any company he/she wishes to join in future.

I wish him/her the best for his/her future endeavors.




[Your name]


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