Sample College Leave Letter

11th May 2012,

Mr. Arnold,


St.Pious College,


Walder Street,



Respected Sir,

I am Joseph studying in II year in Business Management program in your college bearing roll number 1234567. I am writing this letter to request you to kindly grant me a leave for one week starting from 25th May to 1st June as I have to undergo a surgery to remove stones in my kidney. I have been advised complete bed rest for at least one week post the surgery. So, I may not able to attend the college for one week after the surgery.

I have submitted all the relevant medical details to the head of the department. The operation and the total recuperation period in the hospital are estimated to be around one week. During this it is not possible to me to attend the classes. Hence I request you to allow me to take a leave for one week. Thank you for understanding the situation.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Ronald.

II year management

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