Sample Bill Of Sale Letter

Sales Bill –

This Sales Bill made on [date] between – [Seller’s name and address] and [Buyer name & address]

The seller wants to sell and the Buyer wants to buy the following articles (item names) on these terms and conditions mentioned below –

[Mention articles being sold]

This sales bill witnesses that for good and important thoughtfulness paid by the Buyer to the Seller at or, before the implementation time and deliverance of this sales bill (acknowledging the receipt and satisfactoriness of the same), the Seller grants, negotiates, sells, allocates, transfers, expresses and sets over to the Buyer, the Articles, upon and subject to the following terms and conditions:

1.         The Seller agrees and guarantees that:


(a) the Seller has good and saleable title to the Articles, free and clear of any mortgage, charge, security interest, lien, claim, or other burden of any kind at all;

(b) the Seller has the full power to sell the Articles to the Buyer;

(c) the Buyer shall, immediately after implementation and release of this Bill of Sale, have possession of the Articles for its own use and benefit without any manner of obstruction, disruption, claim or demand whatever, from or by the Seller or any other person;

(d) the Seller will, hereafter from time to time, on every practical request of the Buyer, make, do and execute or cause to be made, done and executed all additional actions, activities or declarations as may be reasonably required by the Buyer for more effectually and completely vesting in the Buyer the article;

(e) to cover and save safe the Buyer from all expenses, damages, and other losses resulting or occurring out of the violation or falsehood of any agreement, service contract or representation made or given by the Seller hereunder.

2.         This Bill of Sale shall guarantee the benefit of the successors and assigns of the Buyer.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Seller has executed this Sale Bill as of the date first above mentioned.

…………………………………………..                  ………………………………………….

Witness                                                                        Seller Name

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