Sample Ideal Career Questionnaire Letter

I, [seller name], of [Company name], based in the [county name] County of State of [State name], in consideration of $[amount], paid by [name of the buyer] of [Company name of buyer], the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, do hereby grant, sell, relocate and deliver unto [buyer’s name] the following:
– [articles being sold]

[Optional additional detailed item description]
To possess and to hold the same to [buyer’s name], and his/her heirs, executors, overseers, descendants, and allocate to their use forever.

In witness, whereof, I [witness name], hereunto set my hand, this [day name] day of [month name], [year]

Buyer: _____________________________________________
[buyer name]

Seller: _____________________________________________
[seller name]
Witness: ___________________________________________
[witness name]

Download Sample Ideal Career Questionnaire Letter In Word Format

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