Sample Tender of Defence Letter

[Your Name, & Address here]



[Recipient Name & address here]

[Date here]


Dear [name],


Sub – [write case name]

Case No. [write case number]


I received the Summons and Complaint in the above-referenced matter on [date].

I have enclosed copies of these documents for your assessment. As you will come to know after going through these documents, this issue stems from [state main problem].

I understand that my [policy type] insurance policy should cover such an event, and therefore, [insurance company name] is obliged to protect me in this matter. So, I hereby tender my protection in the above-mentioned matter to [insurance company name].

Please give advice if I should choose my own attorney or, if you will be selecting one for my case.

Look forward to hear from you on this matter.

[Your name]

Encl: [Enclosures List here]

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1 debbie 07.08.20 at 10:31 am

looking to write letter for defense for purdue pharma lawsuit

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