Sample Business Memo Template Letter

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Mark White

Funfair Associates,

Ohio, US-976859


Dale Coring

Compact World Technology

Los Angeles – 658340

Re: Call Conducted with Clients on 01.02.2012

I am sending you this memo to convey the messages and demands send by our clients. The customers are asking to develop the quantity of the packages we send. Therefore, it is very essential to make sure that all the packages send by the company will add fifty percent more in it.

The customers are also asking to change the designs and fonts of the package and add a more detailed logo on it. Therefore, I want you to arrange a meeting with our designer team and work on the above issues.

I will be joining you on Monday after I return from LA. Meanwhile, I want you to prepare a proper plan on the package designs and styles. You can contact me for any further clarifications or doubts.

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