Sample Legal Business Memo Letter

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Sniper Lawn


Blue Star Enterprises


Ohio, US-976859


Carla Bruney,

Customer Relationship Manager

Connexions Consultancy.

Subject: The Law Notice on the Case of Undeceived Payments

Mr. Lawn this memo is to notify you for the payment balance of $48,500 that our company was supposes to receive on 20.01.2012. Since, we have given you enough of time to make the payments we are giving it under the law.

According to the court order, you should make us the payment within the next 15 working days. Failing to do payment will result in returning back the stock with the transportation expenses and delayed fees. Therefore, I warn you to please take the case seriously and do the needful ASAP.

Making the payment within the provided period will make our contract of providing the necessary goods for a period of three years. I look forward for an immediate response from your company for this memo.

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