Sample Mothers Day Greeting Letter

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Mother’s Day Greetings –

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Dear [name],

A mother is the first person a child meets and knows in life.

On this very special occasion, Mother’s Day, I wish you a happy life ahead.

Mom, you are my best friend. You always loved and cared for me since my childhood. I still remember you would hide my mistakes from Dad to save me from his anger. You would take the blame on you for many of my mistakes in home. You would not tell Dad about my poor grades in school.

From my childhood to this age, you did everything for me that a loving mother would do for her child.

This is a very special day for me – Mother’s Day has given me a chance to tell you that how much special you are to me and how much I love you & care for you. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful mother like you.

I am proud of you mom to give me a great life.

Wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!
Yours truly,
[Your name]

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