Sample Request to Neighbor to Clean Up His Yard Letter

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Dear [name],
I am [your name], your neighbor, writing this letter to request you to please clean up your yard.

This is a much respected community where all residents feel proud to live. You should understand that even a single yard in the community that is not well maintained, ruins the pleasing appearance of the whole neighborhood.

It creates many negative impacts on the whole society – lower property rates as the major one, apart from serious health issues. And, an overgrown is a perfect place for large weeds, wild grass and rats etc. It seriously creates many problems.

I really do not want to disturb your privacy, however now things are becoming public and creating problems for other people here. I am concerned about your house as it’s a part of our society and I am ready to help you. I can also provide you with necessary tools to get your yard in shape again.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.
If you do not respond to this request, I will report this issue to our residential committee.



[Your name]

Encl: [Enclosures List here]

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Top Sample Letters Terms:

1 Anna Schmid 10.17.23 at 1:12 pm

Someone had dumped many branches across the street from Estwick place.

Could someone please come and help us clean that up. We have a mice problems.

Thank you

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