Sample Marriage Proposal Letter

Ms. Laura Atkinson

D- South Society, Garden Road,



Dear Laura,

Hope you find this letter in the best of spirits. I am writing this letter today to express my feelings for you. I love you, and would like to propose you for marriage and be mine for forever. And I would like to know if you accept my decision.

I have been thinking to say this from quite a few days, and I chose to say today as it’s the Valentines Day. I have known you for last seven years. The compatibility I share with you is amazing. As we both are pretty well settled in our careers, I would like to take our friendship to a new level now. Please marry me. I would happily accept whatever your response would be.

If your answer is yes, please give me a call. I would like forward to your reply.

Yours truly,

Bob Travolta

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1 olawale 04.08.14 at 10:05 pm

its one of the best proposing letter i ever known

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