Sample Reference Letter From a Doctor Letter


Dr. Kyle Richards

David Lab Tests
15, Indian Square
Long St, New York – 45236


Mr. John Seals

H.R. Manager,
Dania & Peter Techno Services
26, New Galaxy Business Centre
New York – 45263

March 25, 2012


Dear Mr. Seals,

I am writing in reference to the medical test of job applicant Mr. Arnold Wheels whom you sent last week.

I would like to inform you that we have conducted all the required medical tests and, we found no problems with this person. He is physically and mentally fit.


Report Details

He passed the blood test.
No viral or bacterial infections found in the tests.
He also passed the ECG & Blood Pressure tests.

So, we found him normal in all tests. He enjoys good health and thus, he can be employed.



Dr. Kyle Richards
(David Lab Tests)

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