Sample How to Write a Request Letter


                                              REQUEST LETTER


– These letters are written for a wide range of reasons like a job interview, salary hike, charity donation, information etc-etc.

In such kind of letters, the centre focus is not the request you make, but the way you make it. Your way of expressing your need comes first in a request letter.

A well written request letter definitely helps you achieve your objective.

There are few things that need to be kept in mind while writing a request letter:


  1. Simplicity – The first thing that comes here is the simplicity – keep it short & concise. It is good to show courtesy and be diplomatic in such kind of a letter.


  1. Subject – Address the issue in the start itself in a believable manner. But, refrain from being assertive and do not show hesitation writing about the issue, address it directly.


  1. Be Reasonable – A request letter does not permit you to ask or demand for things that are not possible.


  1. Full Information – It is always required to provide all the information related to your issue.


  1. Enclosures – Always provide documents, if you have, in support of your issue.


  1. Gratitude – You are making a request, so needless to say that do not forget to say ‘thanks’ at the end.

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